Gouge Sharpening, Jig SVD-185

Patents: SE 9504246-1, EP 0776731, U.S. 6,393,712

Gouge Jig Design

The jig comprises a tool holder (1) which runs in a sleeve (2). The tool is aligned with a disc (4) and tightened with a knob screw (5). There is a washer (6) for wide gouges. The stop ring (7) can be set for a convex bevel with a screw (8).

The tool holder can be set in any position from 0 to 5 with the 5 mm allen key (9). The setting can be noted on a special recipe label (10), which is attached to the ferrule. A special pen, which works on these labels is included (11). For turning cutters there is a shaft (12) with a mounting screw (13) and a 2,5 mm allen key (14).

PDF Gouge Jig SVD-185 Instruction.

PDF SVD-185 Parts breakdown

Jig Setting = JS
Protrusion = P
Distance to stone

The SVD-185 jig also copes with turning cutters of various shapes. A special shaft is mounted into the sleeve.