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SVM-45 Knife Jig

The Tormek Knife Jig SVM-45 is suitable for sharpening all kinds of knives; household knives, chef’s knives, craft knives and knives for hunting and fishing. You can also sharpen carver’s drawknives. 

Since the jig rests freely on the Universal Support you can follow the curve of the blade.

The Universal Support is normally placed vertically for knife sharpening towards the edge. Short knives can also be ground away from the edge with the Universal Support placed horizontally.

Min. blade length 60 mm (2 3/8"). For smaller knives, see SVM-00.

Read more about knife sharpening and edge angles on the page "Edge angles for knife sharpening".

For knives with long and flexible blades, see the Long Knife Jig SVM-140.

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small knives?

Sharpen small knives?

For the smallest knives, this Small Knife Holder SVM-00 is worth a closer look. It works together with the Knife Jig SVM-45 and can handle all kinds of different shaped knife blades.

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Edge angles for
knife sharpening

Angles for knife sharpening

Learn about which angles to use for different kind of knives and see how the edge angle can be affected when sharpening.

Learn about edge angles