Width 105/8" (270 mm)
Depth 105/8" (270 mm)
Height 111/4" (286 mm)

Shipping weight 25.4 lbs (11,5kg)
Machine only 21 lbs (9,3kg)

Main Shaft
Main shaft and EzyLock of stainless steel

Zinc cast top and frame
Sides in ABS plastic

Industrial single phase, AC 200 W (input)
Continuous duty
Maintenance free
Silent running, 54 dB
25,000 hour life

8-year warranty, 5 years + 3 years, upon registration at tormek.com. * Including professional use.

To see all patents visit tormek.com/patents


Certificates-T 8

  Made In Sweden

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Parts breakdown T-8 EN

Tormek T-8 Custom

Selected features

Universal Support.

Universal Support 
The base and support for all jigs. Enables unbeatable precision when sharpening.

Patented Precision Mounts

Patented Precision Mounts
Ensures controllable and accurate sharpening.


With acme thread and a scale for precise edge angle setting.

Magnetic Scraper

Magnetic Scraper
Efficiently collects sharpening dust and makes it easy to clean the water trough.

Screw Lift

Screw Lift 
Easily raise and lower the water trough.


Convenient, tool-free locking/unlocking of the grinding wheel.

Industrial AC Motor

Industrial AC Motor 
Maintenance-free. Minimal rpm loss under heavy load. Tested for a 25,000-hour service life.

Proprietary Drive Wheel

Proprietary Drive Wheel
RKX18 rubber ensures years of silent and reliable operation.


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