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Title: Which to buy T3 or T3
Post by: Woodcarving Buddy on April 16, 2011, 06:53:42 pm
After much research I have decided to buy a Tormek Sharpening system. The area I am interested in specifically is sharpening carving tools. I like to carve everything from relief carving to, woodspirits, santas, and snowmen for xmas. Right know I am carving a sea turtle. So a question or a couple of questions. Which model would best suit my needs. I am leaning towards the T7 but any input you can give me will be appreciated. Another question, is rust. How often would you recommend taking the unit apart and applying grease? Last question does anyone have experience sharpening micro or detail carving tools with the Tormek. Thank you.
Title: Re: Which to buy T3 or T3
Post by: jeffs55 on April 17, 2011, 04:27:09 pm
Well, between the two I would have to say the T3. However, I think that was a typo so I humbly suggest the T7. Also, as new machine is pretty pricey I would consider looking on eBarf for a deal. I just bought a used excellent one for about $390 delivered. Just remember to look hard at the sellers feedback before you bid/ buy.
Title: Re: Which to buy T3 or T3
Post by: Ken S on April 18, 2011, 11:08:09 pm
Good question, and one worthy of a lot of serious consideration.

I am not a carver, however, the carvers on this forum don't post very often.

Here are my thoughts:

I can't imagine carving chisels being beyond the range of the smaller T3.  The eight inch (to start with) wheel is larger than most dry grinders.  The 50 per cent duty motor is probably more than sufficient, unless you have a very busy professional carving sharpening service (doubtful).

The plastic housing is probably plenty rugged for use on a bench where is is not moved frequently.

That said, the T7 comes with the stone grader and TTS 50 diamond dresser standard.  You will want both of these, so add about a hundred dollars to the cost of the T3 in your comparisons.  The more advanced water trough is more for long knives than carving tools.

My Tormek is a T7.  I tend to overbuy, so, if I was buying a unit today, I would probably buy a T7.  I would give very serious consideration to the T7.

I hope some of the carvers will chime in.

Title: Re: Which to buy T3 or T3
Post by: Herman Trivilino on April 20, 2011, 03:55:47 am
I'm not a carver, either, but I do sharpen a lot of tools and many knives.  I like my 2000 (equivalent to the T7).  I don't think I'd be happy with the T3.

As to the issue of rust, the newer models have a stainless steel shaft, so rusting is not the issue it used to be.  This shaft rides on two nylon bearings.  If you hear it squeal, you should take it apart and grease the bearings.  A pretty simple task that takes only a few minutes.

If you do buy a used unit, you may want to consider the fact that the older models don't have the stainless shaft and so are more prone to the rusting issue.
Title: Re: Which to buy T3 or T3
Post by: rpe54 on January 07, 2014, 11:10:43 am
One thing to consider is the diameter of the wheel and the radius that it would grind - not a flat bevel but a 'hollow grind'.  The 10" would develop less of a radius than the 8" - but you would have to decide how important that is for you. 
Title: Re: Which to buy T3 or T3
Post by: Rhino on October 27, 2014, 11:27:10 pm
Depending on how much you enjoy sharpening.  If you like it, get a T7.  If it is just a means to get your tools back into shape so you can do what you really want to do and something other than sharpening, a T3 would be fine.

As other have stated, the price difference is not a lot considering T7s come with extras like stone grader and diamond dresser.

I sharpen more than I actually build things.   So I have a T7.
Title: Re: Which to buy T3 or T3
Post by: Ken S on February 14, 2015, 10:23:47 pm
Just to bring this thread up to date:

The T3 has been replaced by the T4. The change is also a substantial improvement. I would seriously consider the T4. It should more than handle anything you wish..

Title: Re: Which to buy T3 or T3
Post by: Ken S on February 22, 2015, 11:44:13 am
After having watched a T7and a T4 working side by side all day long last Friday at a woodworking show, I would choose the T4, especially if your move it occasionally. The T4 is more than up to the task. It can easily handle general woodworking and woodturnibg as well.

The T4 is a substantial improvement over the T3. The new zinc top for the housing makes the alignment of the T4 much more precise. It also dissapates heat. Neither Tormek felt very warm to me during the day, and no thought was given to special "rest periods".

The hollow grind effect difference in negligable. In fact, the diameter of the T4 wheel is the same size as the largest typical dry grinder, and larger than most dry grinders.