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Title: Newbie questions
Post by: Gerry on January 09, 2019, 10:07:16 pm
Hi Everyone,

New to forum. Have used T-8 a bit in the last few months I've had the tool. I have read/search on the subject I will be asking. Hopefully it is not repeating.

Have done some work with knives and garden tools, free hand. Worked find but using the jigs works better.

To my question of sequence when doing chisels, I did five at one time.

Is it worth the while to have a block/jig that sets the length the blade extending from jig?

Will that help to keep the angle across all chisels from having to check the angle when switching from one chisel to another?

I did the 200 grit on all, then followed upon with the 1000 grit. In between I rechecked the angle and adjusted to the desired setting.

My thinking is that less work of doing each chisel completely, 200 grit, switch to 1000 grit.

Im' glad I thought of looking for information. Very valuable!

Thanks So Much,


Title: Re: Newbie questions
Post by: Ken S on January 09, 2019, 11:05:21 pm
Welcome to the forum, Jerry.

You can work with or without a setting block, whichever you prefer. I prefer the consistency of uniformity. You have two settings. 1) The distance between the grinding wheel and the universal support bar and 2) the projection of the chisel beyond the end of the jig. I happen to use the TTS-100 setting tool primarily for turning tools to set my chisels and plane blades. A simple spacer block for setting the Distance works just as well. Scribe a pencil line on one side to set the Projection.

I suggest leaving the chisel in the jig until you have finished grinding. Once you become proficient with the stone grader, it is very fast.

Keep posting!

Title: Re: Newbie questions
Post by: RichColvin on January 10, 2019, 12:54:25 am

If you do decide to go with a block for the projection, consider using the on-line calculator that CB put up at

This was designed for knives using the SVM-x knife jigs, but the same concept would apply when using a chisel jig (like the SE77).  The angle would be a bit different (as the jig measurements are different), but it would be close.

And if you want to really get good, make your own calculator !!  We’d love to share it.

Kind regards,
Title: Re: Newbie questions
Post by: Ken S on January 11, 2019, 02:12:30 am

I think the programs like CB's are fine tools for specialized knife sharpeners. My advice (after further thought) for new Tormek users is to just follow the standard Tormek routine. Once you become fluent with the basics, you can try "improving" on it if you wish.