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Title: TT-50 (2019 version)
Post by: Ken S on June 24, 2019, 11:41:52 am
I contacted support ( regarding how to determine if a new T8 included the 2019 version of the TT-50. Here is their reply:

“No code or marking on the boxes.
If someone get the old version and really want the new one. Tell them to contact us at the support and we will help them.
There should not be that many old TT-50 left. We started shipping the new style in okt 2018.
From serial no 656001 the new model is included in the T-8.”

This is another example of the excellent customer support I have come to expect from Tormek. I believe "new old stock" problems will mostly occur with online auction purchases. For the record, chatter problems with the older TT-50 are rare, and easily remedied with a couple inexpensive electrical plastic ties.

Title: Re: TT-50 (2019 version)
Post by: chaywesley on October 02, 2019, 05:39:01 pm
I tried to order a new style TT-50 from Amazon just last week.  Despite the product listing showing a photo of the new style, they did in fact ship me one of the older versions.  So back it went.  Maybe I'll try again in a couple of months.  Such a big design change to a product really should merit a new part number (imho).
Title: Re: TT-50 (2019 version)
Post by: Josu V on October 02, 2019, 06:10:51 pm
I have find in forum and can´t find any more about this...

Exactly, which is the problem with old TT-50 tool?  I have one an I have used it various times without apparent problem.

Title: Re: TT-50 (2019 version)
Post by: ega on October 09, 2019, 12:31:10 am
I believe this is the third version of the truing tool. So far as I can tell from the website the main functional change is to replace the old square steel tube diamond carrier with a zinc alloy casting.
The Tormek video is not much help; I will look for an Alan Holtham review.
Title: Re: TT-50 (2019 version)
Post by: Ken S on October 09, 2019, 02:20:47 am

Here is a link to the first truing tool, the ADV-50D:

There was no screw advance. The pre 2019 TT-50 was a definite upgrade, and has served us very well for many years. Occasionally our members have had problems with the diamond cluster chattering. I first became aware of this through forum member, Ionut. Ionut also provided a good solution, using electrical ties.

The 2019 version of the TR-50 was redesigned to eliminate chatter. For anyone purchasing a truing tool, I recommend the 2019 version of the TT-50. For anyone who already has the older TT-50, if you should happen to have the chatter problem, Ionut's  simple fix is both effective and inexpensive.

All three truing tools use the same diamond cluster. Tormek has offered the newer truing tools in a version ending in "U" for upgrade. This allowed present owners to upgrade without needing to purchase another diamond.

A truing tool is essential for all Tormek users.

Title: Re: TT-50 (2019 version)
Post by: ega on October 09, 2019, 11:03:34 am
Ken S:
Thank you for the product history and video link - it's very easy to get sidetracked when you visit YouTube!
The TT-50 works well enough for me. As the instructions say, you have to pay attention to feed rate and depth of cut and care is needed to avoid the diamond dwelling at the point when one rotating hand takes over from the other.
I agree that the TT is essential and note that my usual supplier sells the T-8 in a set including the TT-50; I imagine that the 2019 TT-50 will be part of the package in due course.
Title: Re: TT-50 (2019 version)
Post by: Ken S on October 09, 2019, 01:09:38 pm
Interesting comments.

Chaywesley, I think this is a case where I would order from an authorized dealer. This is no criticism of amazon. I just think in this particular case I would prefer ordering from a dealer who did not carry half the world's products. Yes, I agree with you. the "2019 TT-50” should have had a new product designation.

Josu, the problem with the older TT-50 is that some of them chatter. Like you, I have never experienced this. Ionut, a very experienced Tormek user, had the problem and corrected it with a couple plastic electrical ties. The fix is fast, easy, and efficient. I have both versions. My logical side tells me the newer design is less likely to cause trouble. I have generally switched to using it. However, if I misplaced it, I would be just as happy using my older version.
I would consider purchasing a new older design TT-50 or ADV-50D, but only if it was priced at substantially less than $50 US, the cost of a replacement diamond cluster. (They are usually priced, overpriced in my opinion, much higher than that.)

Ega, sadly, Allan Holtham has retired. I have always found his videos both informative and enjoyable. I consider his in depth video on the DBS-22 drill bit jig along with Jeff Farris' outstanding turning tool sharpening DVD to be Tormek's finest videos by a wide margin. Alan did a great job for Tormek. I hope Tormek will find a worthy successor.