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Title: Best Knife Sets
Post by: Xtobashu on August 14, 2019, 01:39:18 pm
Looking to buy a great knife set with case and all. Any suggestions? I want something to keep all them together.
Title: Re: Best Knife Sets
Post by: on August 14, 2019, 04:21:02 pm
The most important thing about kitchen knives is how they feel in your hand and the balance. If you are prepping large quantities of food an ill fitting knife can give you a blister. How much you want to spend is also a consideration. I would also recommend buying the knives that you need rather than a set unless you get a really great deal. You can get a block or roll up case as an add on. Most people rarely use all the knives in the sets they buy. I see this when I sharpen these sets for people. Some of the knives are well used while others look like they were just taken out of the box. Go to a shop like Sur La Table and hold the knives before investing. Also consider how well you are going to care for them before making a large investment.

Title: Re: Best Knife Sets
Post by: plinth on August 14, 2019, 06:43:47 pm
I would strongly advise getting one wonderful chef's knife and learning how to use that to its best effect. I reckon I use mine for 95% of my food prep. I love my Miyabi chef knife with bur elm handle and it sharpens really well. My daily knife in the UK is a Masamoto KS chef knife at about 270mm. Really lovely to use and has developed a great patina.  I use the tip for delicate work, I skin fish with it, slice very soft fruit and all the veg. I do not use a good knife where contact with bone is likely. Knife sets are a way for manufacturers to unload unpopular knives. And don't even get me started on serrated tomato knives.