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Thanks Rich.  True enough, I need a membership to view the video.  Thanks anyway.

Well, that makes me wish either my Eclipse or my Taiwan "Eclipse" knockoff had those pins in the back!

But who is Herman, and what is his jig?

Hand Tool Woodworking / Re: Another se77 out of square plane blade
« on: November 14, 2019, 10:11:17 pm »

Thanks for the thoughtful reply.  I finally opted for the Tormek because it provides what I regard as the necessary missing step in sharpening for my hand plane (and spokeshave) blades and chisels:  regrinding after several honings have revealed too wide an edge to hone quickly.  My leather wheel remains untouched, and I have only the stock grinding wheel.  Perhaps one day I'll see the need to use the leather or some esoteric wheel material.  But for me, the machine is worth having because it does a unique and necessary task in my work.  Mr. Charlesworth opening my eyes to its value, but to say that he "only" uses it for grinding and therefore does not cast the machine in its full light misses the fact that cool, low-speed, controllable grinding is valuable enough for a wide range of Tormek's customers. 


Yes, I suppose that would be the best bet.  I'm going to make a wooden holder for the blade to use with my Eclipse honing jig and water stones.  The same holder would give the short little spokeshave blade a bit more stability on the SVD-110.  Still, it would be nice to have something to clamp around it or over it while it's on the wheel.  My holder is probably going to be too thick to use the SE-77.  Maybe I'll rethink its design to thin it down.


Hand Tool Woodworking / Re: Another se77 out of square plane blade
« on: November 13, 2019, 06:42:35 am »
Well, I'm probably talking outside my limits here, trying to say what someone else would or would not want, particularly for someone of Mr. Charlesworth's unquestioned stature.  I've already said more than I ought.  Why don't you take it up with him?

But I will say that I don't see the applicability of the Stanley/Lie-Nielsen analogy.  The T7 isn't a Tormek competitor, it's just older than the T8.  You seem to be assuming that he has a preference for old technology.  I don't see how that applies with a modern tool like the T8.  In fact, it seems to go against every marketing message about the T8 from Tormek, which messages, by the way, I agree with. 

But I don't want to be disagreeable in this forum.  I probably should just leave it there. 

Hand Tool Woodworking / wet-grinding spokeshave blades: best Tormek jig?
« on: November 12, 2019, 07:50:16 am »
Do any of the Tormek jigs work well for grinding spokeshave blades?

Hand Tool Woodworking / Re: Another se77 out of square plane blade
« on: November 12, 2019, 07:47:17 am »
Tormek should provide David Charlesworth with a T8.  He does a lot for your product (He's the reason I bought my T8, for example, and I saw the SE77 video he posted long before I joined this forum today).  I suspect he'd love one to replace his T7.  What about it, Ken?

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