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Knife Sharpening / Left Handed Knife?
« on: June 10, 2018, 08:19:29 am »
G’day All,
I have just returned from a family holiday to Japan where amongst heaps of amazing experiences I went to Tower Knives in Osaka and purchased two “left handed” knives (Petty 150mm & Gyuto 210mm, both Damascus patten).
To find the knives I liked I tried right-handed, both-handed & left-handed knives. Being left-handed the L knives provided the best feel and precision for my left handed attack on the innocent tomatoes and carrots. I had to ask, and the only difference in all the knives was how the final bevel/edge was shaped.
The both-handed knife had as you would suspect a perfectly symmetrical edge.
The L/R handed knives had to an asymmetric bevel with the long and short bevels reversed between the knives. See crude illustration below.
Has anybody seen this before and does anybody sharpen their knives like this?
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Cheers Scott

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