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Wood Carving / SVS-50 advice please
« on: September 24, 2018, 06:42:19 pm »
Hallo all

I am a long time user of a Supergrind 2000 for sharpening turning gouges with a lot of repeatable success, can’t think of a better / safer way of sharpening.  Having very recently been introduced to carving I picked up a handful of well loved carving gouges at a car boot just to practice sharpening those before attempting the same on new expensive ones.  Using the SVS-38 I immediately succeeded in bring the various curved gouges back to life,  it couldn’t have been easier.  Using the SVS-50 and its closed seat a half inch single bevel straight gouge was reprofiled to a 70 degree skew double bevel, once again a very simple process taking all of 30 minutes.  However, there’s always a however.  Given the length (or lack of) the gouge (it had been well used over many decades) I was only able to get a 40 degree bevel on it where I was looking for something nearer 20 degrees.  Either I have discovered a limitation with the jig or my technique is flaky so the exam question is simply which, the jig or me?

Having successfully profiled (almost) that straight gouge into a skew I next tried to tackle a 3/8 inch straight gouge but immediately found the closed seat wouldn’t grip the blade, it was too narrow for the side screw to reach.  I understand this jig has been updated and rereleased so this exam question is, 'will the latest SVS-50 Closed Seat housing grip a 3/8th inch wide blade.

Hope all this makes sense, grateful for any advice.


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