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Wood Turning / Ellsworth Crown Pro-PM gouge jig settings
« on: March 05, 2019, 07:38:37 pm »
I have a new 1/2" Crown Ellsworth Pro-PM gouge and was trying to set up the SVD-186 following the Tormek instructions for the Ellsworth grind (75 mm projection, #6, and hole A).

The jig settings get the middle of the gouge bang on, but would make the wings quite a bit higher angle than the factory grind.  In the pictures you can see the gap when the the gouge is on its side, and also you can see where the marker has been worn away in each image - on the sides there's just the smallest sliver near the cutting edge.  I would have to grind a lot of steel away at this setting.

Since I got the gouge mostly as a reference to the Ellsworth grind dimensions for trying techniques in his book, and have two other "non-Ellsworth" P&N bowl gouges already that I've set up with an Irish grind following the "Ellsworth" jig settings in the Tormek book, I would prefer to hone the new one without changing the factory grind dimensions.  My other reason for getting the new gouge was to compare how the Ellsworth factory grind profile compares to my other two in use...  I would prefer to be able to hone to that profile on the Tormek, to prolong the life of the gouge and get a sharper edge. 

It doesn't look like the SVG-186 can be set beyond #6, but maybe that's what would be needed to match the grind?

-Has anyone been able to successfully replicate the grind on the Tormek without freehanding?

Thanks, Jason

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