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Knife Sharpening / refreshing ur grindstones
« on: November 15, 2020, 10:42:26 pm »
today I got a special tip from an old knife master who I think fits here quite well. Of course this also applies to less affected stones, or for all those who want to refresh their stone.
The pictures show the stone that was half dipped in citric acid for 48 hours. if i don't believe it, just try it with an old stone. afterwards the stone grinds better. i will definitely try it.
cheers Hanns

Knife Sharpening / cerated Knife with flinthard Feltwheel
« on: November 13, 2020, 11:25:44 pm »
i had a visit from a grinding buddy today. he brought 2 KAI bread knives.This was the opportunity to try out my flinthard felt wheel for wavy knives. i didn't have time to oil the new wheel first so it is still a little dusty. just put some diamond paste 0,5 micron on it and off it went. the result was just perfect.

Knife Sharpening / finally finished the clamp closing on both sides
« on: November 05, 2020, 05:43:03 pm »
so, it is done. the clip closing on both sides is finished. The rubber inlay is changeable, so everybody can put in the rubber (harder or softer) he prefers. with the glued in rubber the knife holds well. finally the same angle from both sides, no matter how thick the knife is. knives up to 12mm thick can be clamped. my goal was to produce the clamp under 100.-€. this will not be possible in the long run because the whole thing is extremely complex in production and assembly. however, i will stand by my word and sell the clamp as a promo until the end of 2020 for 99.-€. after that the price will be 119.-€.

if i calculate that you need at least 3 machined clamps for the different knife thicknesses, from which you cut out some material in 0.5 mm steps from the fixed part of the tormek clamp, the price is relativised very quickly. especially since you still don't have exactly the same angle, but only approximately. :)

cheers Hanns

Knife Sharpening / new`s from the part front
« on: November 04, 2020, 06:06:53 pm »
when it comes to the length of the workpiece, everyone has their own method. i used mine once. the block at the top can be fixed and always has a right angle. you can use it to align the cutting edge of the knife. of course, you can also use it to clamp several knives in a row and then sharpen them without having to adjust the height of the toolbar because you always have the same length of the workpiece. this makes the work much easier.

Knife Sharpening / news from the developers front
« on: September 09, 2020, 11:40:08 pm »
it took a little more time than i thought but it will be worth it. here you can see the prototype of my double-sided closing clamp. finally the knife will be clamped in the center no matter how, it is centered. always the same cutting angle on both sides. this prototype will be reworked but it already works great.

cheers Hanns

Knife Sharpening / Test CBN-Wheels
« on: July 30, 2020, 01:53:06 pm »
maybe there are some of you who are interested in how CBN-Wheels work.
I did a test where I made extra deep notches in the cutting edge to test my new 80 Grit CBN-Wheel. So far I have only used the 160 grit wheel. The 80 grit is awesome. with only 4 moves in each direction all the deep notches were removed. I even think that 3 moves would have been enough.

If you like, take a look. English subtitles are in. They are not perfect but they work. :)

cheers Hanns

do you go to the weekly market or to the farmers market to sharpen the knives of the people. or do you have a company that sharpens knives.
how you can speed up your sharpening. with a few little tricks and the right tools it should be possible without any problems.
i have made a short video about this. watch it if you like. english subtitles are included. not perfect but you will understand what i mean.
cheers Hanns

Knife Sharpening / Test grind with CBN-Wheels from Wooz
« on: November 21, 2019, 10:07:16 pm »
Hi Guys
I am new here
My name is Hanns and i am from Germany.
I read here a lot and learn a lot 2.
Sorry but English is not that good but i hope u guys understand what i like to say. :)
After watching tonns ofvideos in YouTube about knifegrinding i buy myself a Tormek T8 beginning this year.
I found on YouTube also the Videos of Vadim and like a lot what he shows also was thrilled by his techniques.
At the end i buy in his shop 3 CBN-Wheels.
They arrived few days ago and i was very happy. I made a video and putt it online on my Chanel.
1 Day later i get a mail from Vadim. He tells me that its not nessesary to make with the 400 and 1000 grid wheel more than 1 pass each side.
Was bit confused about that :) always thought more helps more :)
So i decided to test that.....
Through my job i know the CEO of Giesser Knifes Germany and i ask him if its possible to have some second choice Knifes to practice knifefgrinding and he spend me almost 20 different knifes (happy)
For my test i take one of this knifes a 20€ Chefsknife so not high quality but for my test ideal.
In pain i make the knife dull on the stonegrader from Tormek :)
The i grind the knife first on 160 grid CBN
Then the 400 and 1000 grid with only 1 pass each side.
At the end 2 passes on the leather wheel with Autosol paste.
All measured with the new software from wooz and the FVB 2
The result was awsum. Really sharp. Making video at Saturday and Monday i get from US my Bess sharpener tester.
First knife i messure was this Giesser knife BESS was 97 and this with a 20€ knife. Was speechless.

If someone wanna see the video (sorry in German) here is the link

Hope its ok to putt the link in, if not MOD pls delete it.

Cheers Hanns

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