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Knife Sharpening / Re: Frontal Vertical Base
« on: June 24, 2019, 01:26:31 am »
Well, thanks to all for your info and comments.
I'm  ::) (un)fortunately living in the EU, and the total cost of the jig/postage/tariff/bank transfer charge and so on made me think twice.
Not happy at all with that, but as a newbie, I couldn't  really appreciate how this device would make my sharpening experience with respect to the total price tag.
Your comments are most welcome.
Hi Erivan,
I purchased the FVB from Wootz a few months back and have to say its made the whole process so much easier . The angle setting software alone would have been worth the money as its so easy and accurate to use but add in the ability to totally remove the burr and I've gone from a nice sharp knife to a knife I can shave with that retains its sharpness . No squashing tomatoes anymore
 I am an ordinary guy living in the UK with aspirations to maybe make a small business venture out of sharpening some day . In my opinion its worth every penny  :)

Knife Sharpening / Re: Tormek SG & leather wheel - razor sharp
« on: April 15, 2019, 10:56:54 pm »
Cheers Ken,
Wootz ,undoubtedly is someone to listen to , a few email exchanges with him have proven to be enlightening . Taking time to explain a few simple things so myself as a novice can understand - I'm sold  :)

Knife Sharpening / Re: Tormek SG & leather wheel - razor sharp
« on: April 15, 2019, 08:44:11 pm »
First post. Hello everyone  :)
I'd like to say what a brilliant forum this is , I've been lurking for a few weeks now , reading and learning and I must say you really do come across as a very knowledgable and decent bunch . I love the sharpening handbook and have referenced it several times and am currently experimenting with a platform jig
I'm new to sharpening , had my Tormek for a month or so , picked up some pretty  decent machines second hand (of the non Tormek variety ) and am slowly getting my head around things .
I have done a short training course but for me there is nothing like hands on practice at my own pace . The guy that trained me didn't use the leather honing wheel but cloth mops on a 6 inch grinder so I've experimented with that and had what I believed were decent results for a novice . Kitchen knives that wouldn't slice newspaper made to do so quite easily . I was wondering Vadim is there any idea of whereabouts on the  sharpness scale a knife that can slice newspaper would be  ?
Anyway I've gone ahead and ordered the FVB and the Pivot jig from Vadim and look forward to improving my skills when they make there way over from down under  :)

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