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General Tormek Questions / Re: After truing the SJ stone
« on: May 04, 2018, 09:52:48 pm »
After truing the SJ stone, some holes are created on the surface. I didn't solve this problem even though doing it very slowly and the depth was as thin as possible. I did it very slowly and set the truing depth as shallow as possible to solve this problem, but it was not effective.
I have a SJ and I've never seen that before. the only thing that comes to mind is ensure the truing jig is in the slot and tight, secondly, check the diamond stone on the tt-50 and make sure its tight. holler for help at Tormek !

Drill Bit Sharpening / Re: DBS-22 & Japanese Grindstone
« on: May 03, 2018, 10:55:11 pm »
I do not feel drill bit sharpening has received all the discussion it deserves. Thiis topic is centered around the SJ grinding wheel and the DBS-22. These happen to be two of Tormek's most expensive products, which narrows the field of users.

The SJ is a polishing wheel; by design it removes almost no metal and requires proper edge preparation with the primary grinding wheel graded fine.

The difficulty with the DBS-22 is that most users use it infrequently. A turner or woodworker may sharpen considerably fewer tools, however, these are sharpened much more frequently. A drill index may have many different size bits, however, most users generally use only a few sizes.

The DBS-22 is a very versatile jig. It is also one which requires more skill. This skill is within the reach of the average user, however, it does require focused practice to attain. The results are well worth the effort.

I do not see the extra time involved in finishing bits with the SJ as commercially viable. The specific example Rich gave would warrant the extra attention. It is nice to have that option.

As with many areas of sharpening, I expect changes in technique once the new diamond wheels are available.

I have only been using the Tormek since mar 15 and I started out light pressure and slow movement. within a week I had the SJ stone and the DBS-22. I have a complete drill index so I got lots of practice. my bits were all in good shape to start with but I had never heard of the four facet grind, so I started out to practice that with the SJ stone. i had so much luck with with the bits that I never thought about anybody having problems with the DBS-22. I have the three stone Diamond set ordered and is suppose to ship in July.  so I don't know if a learning curve with the new diamond wheels will be drastic for me as that's how I learned from the start. especially with the Sj stone using light pressure and slow movement.

Knife Sharpening / Re: Idea for thick knives
« on: April 24, 2018, 03:49:56 am »
Rick, I found this video from Jeff Farris where he does show how to lift the blade for the curve and tip.

Knife Sharpening / Re: SJ grindstone vs paper wheel
« on: April 15, 2018, 08:37:42 pm »
I believe you are probably correct Curt. I am very very satisfied with the SJ and the diamond wheels will surely help in shaping a tool a little quicker than the SG has been for me. I don't see any need for me to use the paper wheels as the SJ does such a good job at getting knives to a usable sharpness.

Knife Sharpening / Re: SJ grindstone vs paper wheel
« on: April 15, 2018, 03:26:44 am »
it will be interesting to see the extra fine diamond wheel perform against the paper wheels and the sj wheel.
i'll have to wait till july to find out.

Knife Sharpening / Re: SJ grindstone vs paper wheel
« on: April 14, 2018, 03:55:05 pm »
I have the T-8 and a SJ-250 and I have no problem getting all my knives super sharp. I don't have a BESS scale but I imagine I'm in the 75-100 range. lots of people swear the paper wheel IS the next level of sharpness. I too don't have anymore room for a paper wheel system, so I will just continue with the sj-250 then the leather honing.
 this is a thread by Wootz on the paper wheels.

General Tormek Questions / Re: Paper Cutter Blades
« on: April 13, 2018, 10:24:05 pm »
the planer blade jig requires the blade to be wider than 13 mm. the planer blade I have are 1/2" or 12mm wide, so my planer jig wont work on my blades.

Wood Turning / Re: concave wings on gouge
« on: April 13, 2018, 03:40:05 am »
you might try the protrusion to 75 and without turning the machine on, see where it ends, maybe enough to get past the concave spot. just a thought, somewhere to start.

I am sure you will enjoy your machine as much as I do mine ! it is really a small learning curve to operate. just remember to use light pressure on the LOC (line of contact) of the blade and the wheel. you will be amazed at the level of sharpness the T-8 will produce. Good luck with your new business !

Hey Folks,

With a little luck, my Tormek T8 with the Wood Turners kit will arrive on Friday the 13th.  I'm hoping this is not a bad omen.  :P

I've been sharpening by hand with stones and leathers for about 40 years. For the past 10 or so years, I've sort of become the guy in the hood that'll sharpen just about anything.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to become the sharpening vendor at a local Farmers Market and I knew that I had to speed up my sharpening process.
It's one thing to have someone drop of 5 or 6 knives and be willing to pick them up a few days later.  It's a whole different creature if they are expecting to get them back within 30 minutes or so.

After reading, researching, reading some more and finally pulling the trigger, I bought a T8. I've used other systems like the Tormek in the past with very favorable results. But I've never owned one nor have I been put on-stage and expected to produce results on the spot. Much like I expect to be at the Farmers Market.

Assuming my T8 arrives on Friday, I'll have exactly 6 weeks to become comfortable with the Tormek before the opening day of the market.

I'll be sharpening mostly knives but I also expect to get axes, scissors, chisels, carving tools, etc. All of which I've sharpened successfully before, by hand.
But as most of you know, doing all those by hand can be a VERY time consuming chore. Thus the need for something that will speed up the process and still yield the same, if not better results.

As I mentioned before, I've been reading and researching as well as watching all of the videos on how to set up and use the Tormek systems.
Thus far, none of it has been bewildering. Most of it seems like pretty much the same as what I've done in the past. I do not foresee there being too much of a learning curve and I expect (hope) that I'll be whipping out fresh sharp edges in short order.

From my understanding thus far, I should start out with some chisels.  I've got some REALLY cheap chisels as well as a number of high end chisels.  Of course, I'll start out with the cheap ones before trying my hand at the more expensive ones.  Once I get those hammered out, I'll consider sharpening my Grandfather's chisels.  Maybe... I have a great deal of respect for my Grandfather and I don't want to screw up his prized chisel set.   :-\

Then I'll start with my cheapo knives. The ones that have been banging around in a drawer somewhere. Most have not seen daylight in 10+ years. Again, once I feel good about those, I'll move up to my more expensive knives.

What I'd like to know from those with hands-on Tormek experience, is what surprises you encountered when you first started using your Tormek (or Tormek like devices).

I'll listen to anything and everything.  I'll sort out the useful bits and give them a try during the upcoming weeks.

Thanks in advance!
one thing that is confusing me here, you say you ordered the T-8 with the wood turning kit. I believe the HTK-706 is the kit you will need for knife sharpening.

General Tormek Questions / Re: Sharpening salon shears
« on: April 11, 2018, 04:55:01 am »
As much as I like the Tormek, I think someone seriously planning to sharpen salon shears professionally would be better advised to get professional training and equipment designed for the task.

You may call me overly cautious, however, salon shears are serious, expensive tools for hairdressers. They deserve the same respect one would give to a chef and his Japanese knives.

I totally agree with that statement !

General Tormek Questions / Re: Sharpening salon shears
« on: April 11, 2018, 03:04:27 am »
I have a suggestion for those who want to sharpen salon shears with their Tormeks:

It seems that it may be possible, so purchase several expensive pairs of salon shears. Six sounds like a good number. Practice sharpening with these until you are proficient. Let prospective customers try using your shears.

Let your customers know that you have become proficient by sharpening your own expensive shears.
That sounds fair to me.

that would be far more sensible than buying the $19,000 + machine designed to sharpen such scissor.

General Tormek Questions / Re: Usage for grinding grit residuum
« on: April 10, 2018, 04:38:16 pm »
brilliant idea Jan ! now I will find an old 1 gallon coffee can and start saving the used grit.

General Tormek Questions / Re: Tormek T4 in Frankfurt
« on: April 09, 2018, 11:18:30 pm »
I guess we in the USA should feel lucky to have Tormek and accessories easily accessible here in the lower 48. I am sure enjoying my new T-8

General Tormek Questions / Re: "Tweaking My Technique"
« on: April 04, 2018, 04:29:38 pm »
Thank you Ken.

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