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General Tormek Questions / Re: online video class thoughts
« Last post by Segovia123 on Today at 12:27:28 pm »
Where can I find the online classes?

Are they available?


General Tormek Questions / Spokeshave Blades
« Last post by Segovia123 on Today at 12:23:08 pm »

I am thinking of purchasing a T4, I have owned a Worksharp for a few years and find it very hard to get the fine grade replacement disk pads. 

I'll continue to use the Worksharp which is good at getting an initial bevel on old tools using 80/120 grit etc.     

I am a hobbyists weekend woodworker and would use it for planes, spokeshaves and chisels.  Will the SE77 handle the short spokeshave blades?


Knife Sharpening / Re: Introduicing The KenJig Video Calculator...
« Last post by cbwx34 on Today at 11:55:34 am »

I'm waiting for the musical version.  :)

That would be the right tribute for the most convenient and simplest angle adjustment method  ;)
Knife Sharpening / Re: Introduicing The KenJig Video Calculator...
« Last post by Dutchman on Today at 11:19:50 am »

I'm waiting for the musical version.  :)

That would be the right tribute for the most convenient and simplest angle adjustment method  ;)
Knife Sharpening / Re: Sharpening Calculations
« Last post by RichColvin on Today at 04:20:48 am »

From my research and readings I have come to believe that the exact angle only matters in two circumstances.
  • Cutting tools used in metal work, especially lathe work.  Leo J. St. Clair did a lot of research and found that the angle change of 1 or 2 degrees made very real differences in the work required to perform the activity (Design and Use of Cutting Tools, 1952).
  • Knives used by butchers.  Dr. Vadim Kraichuk also did a lot of research to show the best angle for knives used by butchers.  But these are professionals who get their knives sharpened on a regular period (weekly, I believe).

But, for things like wood turning, the angle matters less than the frequent resharpening of the tool.  And, I find the same is true with other items like my pocket knives.  Sharpen more and worry less about the angle.

As for my kitchen knives, well it probably matters more that my wife cuts on the stone countertops or plastic cutting boards than the angle of the blade.

But, this is just one man’s opinion.

Kind regards,
Knife Sharpening / Re: TormekCalc2 - Advanced grinding calculator
« Last post by jvh on Yesterday at 11:28:10 pm »

I've just added multilanguage support to new beta version of TormekCalc2. (But help in comments stays in English only - not possible to change it there without using VBA.)

If anyone wants to help with translation into other languages, please send me PM. I will send you a link to the latest version which contains language strings (currently English + Czech).

Scissors Sharpening / Re: Garden tools
« Last post by Ukfraser on Yesterday at 07:22:14 pm »
Thanks ken for the response and welcome.

yes, im very drawn to the t 8 for exactly the reasons you mention. The comment on shears is particularly helpful.

As to jigs, i think i need the
SVM-45 Short knife jig and SVM-00 Small Knife Holder for my morkaniv 106 and 120 and folding knives as well as normal kitchen knives.
SVX-150 Scissor jig for scissors and shears
SVS-38 Short tool jig For gouges
SVA-170 Axe grinding kit for the axe

And by the time ive bought them i will have nearly spent the same as getting the kit. The only one i cant see a need for is SVM-140 Long thin knife jig But getting the kit, i get something to organise them. So from a cost perspective i think the kit makes sense.

For me the decider is the scissor jig which i can live without if the shears cant be sharpened on a t4 and it sort of points me to t4 bushcraft with slightly fewer jigs.

But will i regret it long term??? Decisions, decisions.
Scissors Sharpening / Re: Garden tools
« Last post by Ken S on Yesterday at 06:40:00 pm »
Welcome to the forum,Ukfraser.

Normally I am the forum advocate for the T4. However, in your case, I think the T8 would be easier to use with your axe and grass trimmers. Since the T8 includes the essential TT-50 truing tool and the also essential SE-77 for square edge chisels and plane blades, the difference in total cost is much reduced.

I would only purchase the jigs you actually need instead of a kit. (I suspect Tormek Marketing and some forum members will think differently.)

Keep us posted.

Knife Sharpening / Re: Introduicing The KenJig Video Calculator...
« Last post by Ken S on Yesterday at 06:29:44 pm »

I'm waiting for the musical version.  :)

The kenjig has very humble, but sound origins. It was conceived by combining my adaptation of the TTS-100 and Dutchman's Grinding Angle Tables. I had been using a slightly modified TTS-100 to accurately and efficiently set up sharpening of my chisels and plane blades. I had learned the importance of the relatedness between Projection and Distance. When Dutchman posted his Grinding Angle Tables, I saw the benefit of replacing my initial trial and error setup with Dutchman's solid trig foundation. The kenjig just applied my Projection/Distance work with Dutchman's tables and adapted them to knife sharpening.

The kenjig preceeded the more involved computer based programs. I designed it for three groups of Tormek users:
New users. It eliminated the difficulties of learning to use the Anglemaster.
Infrequent users. I was thinking of the home user who sharpened his family kitchen knives once or twice a year.
The farmers market sharpener who had to sharpen many kinds of knives quickly. It was for this group that I created the three jig setup. This would allow the sharpener to switch from a chef's knife to a paring knife without having to change either the machine or jig set up.

The kenjig was designed for simplicity, efficiency, and repeatability. It has two design constraints: A single kenjig is only designed to reproduce one bevel angle. I chose 15°. I also made up a separate kenjig for 20° (which I have never used). I am presently thinking of switching to 12°. This switch to a more acute angle is supported both by Dutchman and later by Wootz. This change will require either modifying my present kenjig or making a new one. Making new jigs requires very little time and essentially no cost.
The second constraint is compensating for eventual wheel wear (decreasing wheel diameter). Again, this is not a problem. My original plan was to make a new kenjig, marked with the diameter for each 10mm of diameter loss. Jan has advised me that going 10mm change would introduce too much error. I present plan to switch kenjigs every 5mm change.

I would interject that Jan has introduced the "janjig" which is double ended and provides Distance grooves for both the grinding wheel and the leather honing wheel, a clever addition.

I like using the TTS-100 for planes because it is also auto correcting for diameter changes. Unlike the Anglemaster, the TTS requires no setting change, even for switching between the T4 and T8. However, I do not feel correcting for diameter change is a major issue. Diamond or CBN wheels do not change in diameter. Even matrix wheels, which do wear, only gradually. The average home shop Tormek user should be able to go a long time before grinding away 5mm in diameter.

The kenjig has never been designed to compete with the more sophisticated computer assisted programs. Setting various bevel angle angles or compensating for multiple grinding wheel diameters is "above its pay grade". It is also not designed for sub 50 BESS.

I still believe it will provide useful service to the new, infrequent, or busy farmers market sharpener. It has served me well.

Scissors Sharpening / Garden tools
« Last post by Ukfraser on Yesterday at 05:26:02 pm »
Hi, Im trying to decide which model and jigs to get. Principally a woodworker with planes and chisels but have some carving implements and gouges and also make musical instruments. But im also doing a lot of gardening. Purely for family use. About the only area i dont currently work is wood turning.

having watched the garden tools sharpening video, i wondered if an T4 users have had success in sharpening an axe and a pair Grass edging shears?

My axe wasnt very sharp when i bought it and keeps getting abused but i am using it more now so really want something i can get a good edge on.

Im virtually decided on a t4 with the Hand  tools collection, my logic is that i can see myself using Virtually all the tools at some time plus have somewhere to store them.

 but still thinking whether to just go for the bushcraft t4 and a couple of other jigs and not bother with scissors.


Ps the t8 is still a possibility but its really above my budget unless anyone knows how often we get and when is the best time for sales in the uk.
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