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Knife Sharpening / Re: Grinding software upgrade is coming
« Last post by on Today at 03:26:50 pm »
Thanks for the heads up Roger. I will update mine this morning.
Planer Blade Sharpening / Re: Which stone for faster grinding?
« Last post by Ben H on Today at 12:09:40 pm »
Thanks for this very valuable information, Even! As I was unaware of the 35 degree angle limitation, I had pretty much decided I would buy an 80 grit CBN wheel for sharpening planer blades. I didn't understand the difference between 'ordinary carbon steel' and 'HSS', but having now read the information on the 'SB-250 Tormek Blackstone' page of the Tormek site (, I see that the blackstone is recommended specifically for the shaping of HSS planer blades and woodturning skews.

From what I have read on this forum, there are at least a few people who have been disappointed with their purchase of the Tormek SVH-320 planer jig. I am a hobby woodworker, so it was difficult for me to justify the price of the planer jig. Ultimately, I guesstimated the payback period by weighing the cost of the jig against the cost of having the blades sharpened professionally. (In the interest of complete transparency: I am also considering the possibility of offering sharpening services as a sideline business.) Had the Tormek website ( stated something along the lines of 'the Tormek Silicon Blackstone wheel will be needed to obtain reasonably quick sharpening of badly damaged planer blades', I would have factored in the cost of the additional wheel when making my calculation. I believe Tormek is likely a company that makes the bulk of its sales to repeat customers, i.e. those who already have the machine and come back time and time again to buy accessories and consumables. If this is true, it is essential that Tormek not only present its products commercially (i.e. in a manner designed to convince potential customers to buy them) but also with maximum transparency (i.e. providing complete and detailed information to help customers determine whether a product will meet their needs and, most importantly, to prevent disappointment (which may turn off loyal customers to Tormek as a company).

I work with a lot of used wood, which despite my best efforts occasionally contains nails or broken off screw tips. Damaged planer blades and saw blades have been a fact of life for me. I guess it's time I invest in one of those handheld metal detectors that I've read about elsewhere here on the forum.

Planer Blade Sharpening / Re: Which stone for faster grinding?
« Last post by Even on Today at 10:37:38 am »
I use the SB-250, as I have found this one to be the fastest.
Have tried the DC-250 but don't think this one was faster.
Has CBN # 80 and # 160 but have not tried this as Knife grinders do not recommend grinding at a greater angle than 35 degrees as this can strip the wheels.
My planer blades are often at 40-45 degrees.

If I need and remove a lot of metal I mount the jig on a high speed grinder and set a 35 degree angle.
Then it's easy for me to grind a 40 degree angle on the tormek afterwards.

Most planer blades I have can be grinded on a high speed grinder if you are careful with the heat, as they are often made of HSS steel.
I want to invest in a CBN wheel to mount on the high speed grinder, so that it will go even faster and less heat, then set the angle of 30 degrees so im not striping off the CBN coating.

I have sharpened my own clipper blades, but have not sharpened for professional clients.
I use the side on the diamond wheels on the tormek, I finish with the DE250 and it has given me good results.
If you don't have the diamond wheels then I think there was someone from Tormek in Sweden who said you can use the SVP-80 jig on clipper blades.

Knife Sharpening / Re: Grinding software upgrade is coming
« Last post by Roger M. on Today at 04:32:07 am »
For those using the KnifeGrinders software, Vadim just updated his software yesterday for the iPhone. So the Grinding Angle Setter app, and the FVB app are both available right now to update via the iPhone App Store.

He's also updated the Grinding Angle Setter app for the MacBook laptop, but he notes that today (March 30th) Apple has not yet uploaded the updated version, so he suggests you (actually "I") wait a day or two to make sure you're either purchasing, or updating to this most recent version.

Great news for users of Vadim's software.
I would suggest you research this carefully. I would start with a high quality diamond stone company like DMT. You want a quality product which will stay flat. Diamond is the hardest material and diamond stones cut quickly. Be sure to learn how to use them properly. I use diamond stones only for misc. sharpening procedures, so I can't really make good grit suggestions.

Thanks for the replies.

I don't expect clippers to be a big part of my repertoire, yet I've had enough enquiries about them to make it worthwhile to get a system in place for them.

I will look further in to the bench stones.

With a very flat surface being essential I'm also thinking along the lines of a lapping plate; certain grits of wet and dry sandpaper and the old figure of eight pattern by hand.
Thanks Van. I am staying home except for grocery shopping. My wife works in an essential business so she has to go in every day. She tries to limit contact at work but it is still more risk than staying home. Having these businesses open has avoided a real panic and they all should be commended.

Yes, commended for sure. I hope we all learn from this, too.
Wood Turning / Re: Best methods and wheel for sharpening bowl gouges
« Last post by Ken S on Yesterday at 06:06:36 pm »
I suspect that Tormek Marketing would like that idea!

I agree with Sharpco. I would add that the bench stone must be kept very flat.

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