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instructional help from Tormek
« on: April 19, 2015, 11:52:38 am »
Those of you who have read my earier posts know that I have long argued for more training videos from Tormek. In truth, the Tormek videos are considered some of the most comprehensive in the industry. That stated, I believe more problem oriented video training would take care of most of the frequent difficulties we see on the forum.

I would like to acknowledge one particular Tormek video which assisted me with the problem I posted with the TT-100 Truing Tool. Set for a light cut, the diamond cut into the grinding wheel with enough force to stop the motor. This actually happened several times. I thought I had ruined the diamond tool and went so far as to order a new one.

I knew something was wrong. On the website, there is a short description of all the jigs and accessories. Most have a short video included. I refreshed my memory by watching the TT-100 Truing Tool video again, actually watching it twice. I had the nagging feeling that I had neglected to tighten the locking screw.

I set up my Tormek with the truing tool again. I figured I had nothing to lose. This time I made very sure to lock the jig in place. Everything worked perfectly. It required six light passes to clean up the gouges I had put in my grinding wheel. The result was a new looking surface. This result was better than new; it was trued to my Tormek.

In the future, I will explore the jigs and accessories videos and the handbook before working with infrequently used jigs. I already do this with the DBS-22 drill bit jig. Alan Holtham has done a good job of navigating the"fiddlyness" of setting up this jig. I consider this Tormek's most advanced jig, when properly set up.

I acknowledge that Tormek has done a good job with its training videos. I hope they will continue this good effort with more specific problem oriented videos. I realize that old carmudgeons like me will research our much underlined and highlighted old handbooks. These are a fine but sometimes incomplete resource. Most of today's Tormek users learn by video. Video is an amazing resource; it is like being in a classroom watching an instructor demonstrate. I look forward to watching more Tormek videos. I would like to see them directly linked to this forum.