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AAW 2016 Convention in Atlanta, GA
« on: June 16, 2016, 03:09:32 am »
Just returned on Sunday from the American Association of Woodturner's (AAW's) 2016 convention that was held in Atlanta, GA.  This is the 2d AAW convention that I have attended, and I must say, if you are a woodturner, I highly recommend attending this meeting.

The parts I found particularly valuable are :
  • I attended a number of sessions with some truly world-class artists (both wood turners and carvers), and walked away with some really valuable tips
  • I saw some really cool stuff that I've not been doing :  one of the leading experts in Rose Engines (used for Ornamental Turning) was there presenting about how to make one very cost effectively (well, there's a new hobby that I'm now picking up ...)
  • I was able to see quite a few pieces of equipment that I am in the market to buy, and see how one vendor's product compares to another
  • I was able to talk to a number of product managers and :
    • ask questions about why the designs were the way that they are, and
    • put in some requests for changes to their equipment
But, the highlight was meeting Stig at the Tormek booth (oh yeah, and getting my hands on the T8 also).

My only complaint is that there was too much to do in the 3 days of the convention.  But, then there's next year !

Kind regards,
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Re: AAW 2016 Convention in Atlanta, GA
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2016, 03:23:58 am »
Interesting. Thanks for posting, Rich. If I had known you were going, I would have had you bring me back a Nova lathe in your carry on for me. :)

Did you happen to see Doug Thompsom there? Doug is based in the Cleveland, Ohio area and makes some very fine turning tools. He made a 7/16" detail gouge designed by the late King Heiple. I met King at one of Ernie Conover's classes. King was a nice guy, a terrific and innovative turner, and very smart.

Tell us more about that Stig guy you met. I've heard that name before somewhere. ;)