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the other Cleveland Expert
« on: November 24, 2016, 12:44:56 pm »
While prepping to post a reply for Rich's excellent topic, I found a youtube which I feel deserves its own topic.

What immediately struck me was the background music. It is the same as the music on the other outstanding Cleveland DVD, Sharpening School by our own Steve Bottorff. My impression is that the same videographer did both, a fortunate thing as the technical quality is excellent on both, as is the expertise of the presenters. Both presenters live in suburbs of Cleveland and are veteran sharpeners.

Doug Thompson uses a dry grinder and the Wolverine system. However, the video has so much background information, it is well worth study time by Tormekers. He discusses tool shapes; heat treating (including cyrogenics); wheel dressing and truing; and gives a description of the Norton 3X wheels among other topics.

Like Steve, his presentation is very solid, but also easily understood. I watched an earlier version of this youtube before. This is an improved version. I continue to use the Tormek Turning DVD and Steve's Sharpening School for ongoing learning. I will bookmark Doug's youtube as another of my ongoing references.