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I was wondering if anybody has tried replicating the Stuart Batty 40/40 grind using the Tormek.  If anybody has successfully accomplished this what are the jig settings used?

I'm sure that you know that you can do that grind freehand using the SVD-110 tool rest and following any of the many videos that are out there, so I guess you're asking about using the SVD-186/185. I've never had a gouge with that particular grind, and I don't have a spare gouge to practice on, so I can't help you too much. However, jig setting 5 with the SVD-186/185 will get you the 40 degree angle from horizontal that you need. The numbers on the jig are units of ten degrees from parallel with the jig axis of rotation. You want 40 degrees from perpendicular or 50 degrees from parallel, so jig setting 5. Then it is just a matter of picking the one of an  infinite number of combinations of protrusion and USB setting that give a 40 degree nose angle that results in the grind that you want. Protrusion 55mm and hole B on the TTS-100 comes close, but results in a nose angle of about 45 degrees, instead of the desired 40.

Not much help, I know, but if you find the right combination, please share.


Ken S:
Good post, Mike. You saved a lot of trial and error with the jig setting.

Setting the bevel angle with the TTS-100 setting tool should just be a matter of using the 65mm slot. Place a piece of masking tape in the 65mm slot with a pencil mark at half depth. Grind the bevel and measure the angle. This should get you closer. Keep guesstimating. Your next guess should be very close.


Hi folks - did this ever land as a ‘recipe’?



Ken S:
Welcome to the forum, Simon.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no published Tormek recipe for the Batty 40-40 grind. It and the Alan Lacer grind were unfortunately not included in the Tormek TNT-300 Woodturner's Instruction Box book and DVD. The TNT-300 is generally very done. I consider the DVD the most outstanding video Tormek has ever produced. However, it does have a few deficiencies. Part of the problem may be due to when it was made. I don't know the exact date, however, the Tormek used in it was a SuperGrind. There is nothing wrong with the SuperGrind and SG-250, however, the DVD predates the SB, SJ and diamond wheels as well as more recent jig designs. I suspect the DVD and book also predate the popularity of the Batty and Lacer grinds. Jeff Farris, who was instrumental in the project is an accomplished turner. He is also partial to Sorby turning tools. Neither the Batty nor the Lacer grinds are available through Sorby.

I hope Tormek will produce an updated version of the book and DVD. Until that happens, I suggest following Mike's advice and making controlled test grinds. Mike's jig setting5; protrusion 55; and
hole B will get you close. Assuming you want to get closer, try lengthening or shortening the protrusion by 5mm. My math is not quite awake this morning. I think shortening the projection will produce a slightly higher angle. If a change of 5mm gets you closer, try increasing the variation slightly. By the second variation attempt you should be close enough.

Keep us posted.



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