Author Topic: Test grind with CBN-Wheels from Wooz  (Read 1504 times)

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Test grind with CBN-Wheels from Wooz
« on: November 21, 2019, 10:07:16 pm »
Hi Guys
I am new here
My name is Hanns and i am from Germany.
I read here a lot and learn a lot 2.
Sorry but English is not that good but i hope u guys understand what i like to say. :)
After watching tonns ofvideos in YouTube about knifegrinding i buy myself a Tormek T8 beginning this year.
I found on YouTube also the Videos of Vadim and like a lot what he shows also was thrilled by his techniques.
At the end i buy in his shop 3 CBN-Wheels.
They arrived few days ago and i was very happy. I made a video and putt it online on my Chanel.
1 Day later i get a mail from Vadim. He tells me that its not nessesary to make with the 400 and 1000 grid wheel more than 1 pass each side.
Was bit confused about that :) always thought more helps more :)
So i decided to test that.....
Through my job i know the CEO of Giesser Knifes Germany and i ask him if its possible to have some second choice Knifes to practice knifefgrinding and he spend me almost 20 different knifes (happy)
For my test i take one of this knifes a 20€ Chefsknife so not high quality but for my test ideal.
In pain i make the knife dull on the stonegrader from Tormek :)
The i grind the knife first on 160 grid CBN
Then the 400 and 1000 grid with only 1 pass each side.
At the end 2 passes on the leather wheel with Autosol paste.
All measured with the new software from wooz and the FVB 2
The result was awsum. Really sharp. Making video at Saturday and Monday i get from US my Bess sharpener tester.
First knife i messure was this Giesser knife BESS was 97 and this with a 20€ knife. Was speechless.

If someone wanna see the video (sorry in German) here is the link

Hope its ok to putt the link in, if not MOD pls delete it.

Cheers Hanns
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Re: Test grind with CBN-Wheels from Wooz
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2019, 02:36:18 pm »
Welcome to the forum.

I enjoyed your video.
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