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ax jig
« on: January 07, 2019, 03:00:27 am »
I purchased my first Tormek (T7) in mid 2009. Being an early on Tormek junkie, I soon purchased almost all of the jigs and accessories, taking advantage of the 20% discount at woodworking shows. The only two jigs I did not purchase were the moulding knife attachment and the ax jig. As I have neither moulding knives nor axes, I did not feel deprived.

For the record, in hindsight, I do not recommend acquiring Tormek gear this way. I did not begin using my wood lathe until last year. By then, almost of the jigs had been redesigned.

I have occasionally flirted with the ax jig. Last week I made a successful offer on one. For better or worse, wiser or more foolish, I now have an ax jig. I have no complaints with the ax jig, however, I suspect mine will get very little if any use. Old Tormek junkie habits do not quickly change.


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Re: ax jig
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2019, 02:48:14 pm »
I am a shop rat and a tool junkie, with sub-obsessions in jigs and sharpening, so for years I kept a safe distance from Tormek out of self-preservation.  But my dealer hooked me by telling me I could try "just a little" by getting the BGM-100 for my bench grinder.  You all know how stories like this end: soon I was a goner, and loving it.

My axe jig won't get much use either, because most of my axes are easy to sharpen accurately (enough) on the belt grinder.  But it should allow a greater level of precision for carving axes.  Or at least this is how I rationalized the purchase.  I smuggled it past my wife into the basement, where I keep my stash.