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Stumpy Nubs revolving knife block
« on: June 26, 2019, 12:40:14 pm »
I enjoy the Stumpy Nubs you tubes. His conversation with Stig Reitan is by far the most imformative video I have ever found about the Tormek. I have watched it several times and recommend the same for you. Here is the link:

Back to topic...... My thirty year old Henckel wooden knife block can hold all the kitchen knives I really need, almost. (My Chinese cleaver does not fit in it.) It has eight knife slots and slots for scissors and a steel. This is certainly plenty for most home cooks. As my kitchen is also my Tormek knife sharpening field laboratory, a few more slots would be nice, if I had enough counter space, which I don't.

I found this Stumpy Nubs video:

This revolving knife block is tucked up against the bottom of the top cabinet above my cutting board. When in the shut position, no knife handles protrude. Best of all, I can customize it to hold my Chinese cleaver, some experimental knives (My chef's knife ground for left handers like me comes to mind.), and my smooth butcher's steel.