Author Topic: SJ-250 for sharpening ornamental turning cutters  (Read 811 times)

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SJ-250 for sharpening ornamental turning cutters
« on: February 24, 2020, 04:08:26 am »
In ornamental turning, it is vital that the cutters be sharpened to a mirror finish. 

Jon Magill wrote a really great article for the Spring 2008 edition (Vol 23, #1) of AAW's "American Woodturner". In the article titled, Build an Overhead Drive (pages 30-31), he wrote:

Cutters must be sharp! You will never achieve a reflective cut off the tool, which is always the goal in OT, if your cutter isn’t sharp. I once read that you can never get a better finish off of your tool than the finish on the tool itself. In other words, unless your cutter has a mirror finish, you cannot expect to produce a mirror finish on your work.

The attached picture shows the results of sharpening my cutters with the SJ-250.  By the way, there is no sanding here -  this is straight off the rose engine lathe.

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Re: SJ-250 for sharpening ornamental turning cutters
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Very good post, .rich.