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Simple way to increase Tormek RPM by 40%

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Mounting the insert YouTube video:

You've heard that CBN and diamond wheels grind better than stone wheels, but that is given the pressure on the blade is the same.  Since pressure on CBN and diamond wheels is to be less than on the stone wheel, to see their grinding advantage we need higher RPM.

Generally speaking, with the evolution from stone toCBN and diamond wheels that dissipate heat from grinding very well, the Tormek RPM could be increased to 250 RPM. You will not want that much speed in precision grinding of delicate blades, but for grinding bevels on grossly dull knives and tools or reprofiling you'd love it. So if this ever is going to happen, it better be done with a removable RPM-increasing insert that the user can put on the motor spindle when he needs more intensive grinding.

Ken S:
Clever, Wootz!!!

For those of us who don't happen to live in metricland, a one inch length of plastic water pipe, 5/8” Outside Diameter; 7/16” Inside Diameter also works. If you don't happen to have an odd piece at home, any hardware store will carry it. Some stores may even have it in shorter lengths.


 Neat idea. Do you have any slippage occur between the tube and the shaft?

Ken S:
Elden, my piece of plastic water pipe doesn't seem to slip.


Last week a professional sharpener from Europe, who already has several Tormeks, wrote to me that he is looking at a clone only because it runs at 125 RPM, to speed up his sharpening. I must have been thinking about this till the last night I saw this solution in my night dream, actually :)

No slippage of the insert, and no spillage of the water at this speed. In the T7 I could insert a 2.5 mm bushing that increases RPM to near 150, but the T8 takes maximum a 2mm insert.

CORRECTION - there is slippage when the blade is pressed against the wheel. The insert must be fixed on the motor spindle to work. Not as simple as it seemed initially.


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