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Lighting rig for the Tormek


I'm a newbie to the forum, I bought myself a T8 a couple of months back and have really been enjoying the journey in learning how to remove steel in the right places  :). I spent a few months researching various sharpening solutions before settling on the Tormek.  The support that is available via this forum helped in influencing my decision to buy. Having worked with computer software for many years, I understand that the support of an active group, who really know their tools, this really makes all the difference.

My question to the group is for lighting solutions when working. I'm awaiting my electricians return before I get a final solution fitted in my workshop (hopefully this will happen before Xmas!) and I would be very grateful for suggestions of lighting solutions that work well for you. With rapid advances in LED and lighting technology, I'm particular interested in solutions that forum members may have found in the past 6 months or so. 

Thanks in anticipation

Rob from Cornwall UK

I prefer the light coming over my left shoulder and down onto the edge being sharpened and I am right handed.

Josu V:
I use the ceiling light, but installed at the bottom of a shelf.
I use two led bars.

I put an image of my work place:

Curiosity, the wide of the drawer, was perfectly to the Tormek Tools Kits   ;D
Thanks for the tip jeffs55. Being righthanded too, I'll give the light coming over the left shoulder a try.

Also thanks to Josu for the pictures of a very clean, tidy and well lit workplace. I need to raise my standards!


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