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Hello and T4 issue



I’m new to the group and purchased a T4 a couple of days ago from Amazon. 

I opened the box and read the get started info.  Plugged it in and turned on the motor.  Smooth running and quiet.  Put the grindstone on and started it again.  Immediately a horrible grinding noise from the machine like a bearing filled with sand.  Stopped it and thoroughly looked everything over.  There was nothing obvious so removed the stone and found no rub marks on it or the housing. Turned machine on and again quiet and smooth. 

Remounted the stone switched on the machine and again the grinding noise.  Removed the stone again and started w/ no noise.  This time I removed the washer and noticed I could feel an edge.  Closer inspection revealed a sharp ragged edge instead of being smooth.  Looking at the housing next to the shaft there is what looks like a small splined shaft.  It doesn’t turn or move. I could see metal shavings on it’s end.  This shaft, which isn’t on the parts list, was “milling” the  outer edge of the washer.

I placed the thinnest washer I had on the motor shaft first, then the stone washer and then the stone. Turned it on and is now running smooth with no grinding noise.  Finally to my question.....

Anyone know what this “shaft” is?  Would it be safe to file it just enough to allow clearance between it and the stone washer?  I don’t want to use the additional washer as it wasn’t designed to need one.  I’d rather take care of this myself and not have to return it.

Sorry for the long post and am looking forward to any thoughts.


Ken S:
You definitely need to contact support. ( If the problem is something you can easily correct yourself, support can walk you through it. If you need to return Tormek, support will email you a postage paid return label. However it works, please let us know. Please include your telephone number when you contact support.


I did as Ken suggested and contacted Tormek support.  I actually copied and pasted the information I posted here.

Their response was....
This shaft is the mounting shaft for the motor. It should not be able to reach the washer.
It could be mounted too far or too short. If you send me I picture I can tell you what to do.
The splines it is 5 mm long, the shaft should only be sticking out by 1-1,5 mm. The splines locks the shaft and motor in its position.

I measured the shaft length protruding from the housing at 4.9mm and sent the requested pictures and informed them that I preferred to do the work myself if feasible.   

Their reply.....
There is the problem.
The splines should only protrude 1-1,5mm.
We can fix this for you, but if you want to do this yourself you can use a hammer and carefully tap it in.
Be carful so you do not bend the ear.

Using a brass hammer I gently tapped the shaft and moved it to 1.5mm, mounted the wheel and no noise. However, I removed the honing wheel just to inspect the shaft.  Now there is what appears to be a piece of plastic protruding unevenly around the shaft. I assume this is a support bushing between the housing and the shaft.  I’m not willing to live with that.

I’ve already started a return with Amazon. So in a few days I’ll have a new machine.

The support from Tormek was outstanding.  My emails were answered within about 8 hours mostly due to time differences I assume and would have allowed me do complete the repair myself if not for the bushing. I appreciate such support from any company. 

Problem solved.


Good to know that the problem is solved. One small comment, however.
On my 2000 the motor support shaft was rusting and when I replaced the spindle I took the opportunity to install a new stainless steel support shaft too. It occurs to me that if this item is plated mild steel as mine was then the contact with the stone may well have removed what protection the plating provides. A dab of grease or paint would mitigate this.

I am not familiar with the 2000 so I'm not sure we're talking about the same shaft.  Without detailed exploded drawings I have no idea what the shaft I had a problem with even looks like except the splined end protruding 5mm from the housing.  I'd have to completely disassemble the whole machine to see the shaft.  It is a splined 6mm shaft adjacent to the main shaft.  It did not touch the grinding stone only the washer between the housing and the stone and actually removed metal from the washer.  Could see no damage to the spline end.

But your point is well taken.  Any rubbed part should be monitored and actions taken to prevent rusting.

I wonder if there are exploded views or internal pictures of the Tormek.  If anyone would like to send me one I'd be glad to disassemble it and take pictures.  Can't guarantee it would perform after.   :o



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