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New! Tormek Case TC-800
« on: March 23, 2020, 09:17:50 am »
Hello you all!

I hope everyone is well.

We've got some product news to share with you.

We just released the new Tormek Case along with new Storage Trays. The Tormek Case is made of high-quality materials and will keep your jigs and accessories organized in a nice, simple and comfortable way. Our Design Team has been working on this for quite some time and they have really designed it with all of you dedicated users in mind. Check it out here and watch the video:

Along with this, we have also released new storage trays; HTK-00, TNT-00 and T8-00. The new storage trays are redesigned and made of EPP, a permanent construction material that is very durable and better suited for storing jigs for a long time. This material will not break compare to the material of the former storage trays. The new storage trays are customized to fit in the Tormek Case TC-800 and the Sharpening Station TS-740.

Please note that previous storage trays for HTK-706, TNT-708 and the former top box for Tormek T-8 are not compatible with TC-800 Tormek Case. One of our main goals, when we develop new products, is to make them back-compatible with former products. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible this time due to the design and fit of the Tormek Case.

The Tormek Case and new storage trays are now included in our updated kits; HTK-806 Hand Tool Kit and TNT-808 Woodturner's Kit. The T8-00 Storage Tray for Tormek T-8 accessories has been included with the Tormek T-8 for some time.

We hope you will appreciate this new way to store your Tormek jigs and accessories.

Take care!
/Carl, Tormek