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Bushcraft online class
« on: December 03, 2020, 05:15:00 pm »
The Tormek Bushcraft online class is now available (English version) on Tormek's you tube channel.. Here is a link:

I have been pleased with all of Tormek's online classes; this was no exception. It was a good review of knife and hatchet sharpening. I tend to learn more from repetition, just like honing improves an edge. I was not surprised that the class spent very little time discussing Bushcraft. The T4 Bushcraft is essentially identical with the T4. I happen to like blue Tormeks, however with identical Tormeks, I would buy the better deal.

This class could just as easily have been done using a T4, T8, T7, or any older model Tormek. The jigs, accessories, and techniques are the same. S├ębastien and Wolfgang gave an excellent presentation. I have watched all of the online classes multiple times and recommend the same for our members. Even if someone only sharpens knives or woodworking tools, there is much informational cross sharing.

I look forward to more classes in 2021.