Author Topic: Adapting a Tormek Jig (Drill Bit) to a non-Tormek/Sharpening Function  (Read 119 times)

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Leapfrogging from the Drill Bit Jig plate mod (DBS_22), I made two adaptations based on the DBS-22 today,

1) mounted a Horizontal Base (XB-100) on my Viel 1-x42 belt grinder so I could use the DBS-22 on it, and
2) adapted the DBS-22 for grinding facets on a tool/accessory for use in a completely non-sharpening function/hobby. 

Mounting the XB-100 to the upright positioned Viel was relatively easy and in looking back at my photos, I had done it once before, but abandoned it.  In the previous version, I was attempting to use the knife jigs and had different requirements for placement.  I had actually forgotten about it and have lost track of the block of wood I had used.  I fabricated a largely different block/XB-100 mount focused on position for the DBS-22 base plate. 

The non-Tormek, non-sharpening function was to grind two facets/angles on a small cutout section of stainless steel tubing for use as a "hold-down" for strips of bamboo for planing into tapered, triangular shapes for the making of bamboo fly rods.  Facets A and B. 

I had come up with jigs and methods of machining the other aspects of this tool using traditional machining jigs,

but these things are too small and get too hot to hold by hand and the only effective clamping tool I had caused damage to parts of the hold-down.  So I needed a different method.  I needed a way to hold the part, a way to grind the facets at particular angles and to be able to "move in" to a final condition, similar to when grinding the facets on drill bits.  And I need to be able to do this repeatedly with multiple parts.  Thus, my thoughts turned to the Tormek DBS-22. 

First, the DBS-22 plate had to be set square with the Viel platen. 

And the hold-down part held in a specially made jig for mounting the DBS-22 clamp. 

And the angles set for each of the two facets. 
Facet A

Facet B  This is where the added holes for setting the DBS-22 up for grinding brad point drill bits came into play.  The plate needed more angle and the alternative hole locations provide it. 

A further consideration for Facet B is that I need it to be ground with a very slight radius.  To do this I loosen the rear angle locking screw (next to the "P" on the jig) so the jig can rotate and very lightly tough the facet as the jig is rotated every so slightly.  No photo showing this. 

I'm very pleased overall, as the DBS-22 is performing just about perfectly for this task.  The main challenge is getting everything set so the surface ground on the tool facets are square to the tool, irrespective of how square the DBS-22 plate is to the platen. 

I am not able to proceed with producing a few prototypes of these bamboo strip hold-downs to send of the the maker of the planing machine for their testing as an alternative to their current method for securing the strips on the planing "anvils".  They have been very excited and interested in the concept information that I've sent. 

The point for all "Tormkers" is the versatility of the tool if one can, to use an over-used phrase, "think outside the box". 

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Re: Adapting a Tormek Jig (Drill Bit) to a non-Tormek/Sharpening Function
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2021, 06:02:19 pm »

I thought I had covered all the bases when I converted my Viel to variable speed. You have opened up more useful doors.


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Re: Adapting a Tormek Jig (Drill Bit) to a non-Tormek/Sharpening Function
« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2021, 09:17:41 pm »
Rick, thanks for sharing! Being a machinist, you are a great benefit to this Tormek community!

BTW, I recently got a DBS-22 drill bit jig and the first thing I did was to implement your modification.