Author Topic: Svd 185 will not let me stay on grindstone when doing a 1/2 Ellsworth grind  (Read 12486 times)

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Svd 185 : I am not so happy, but...
« Reply #15 on: January 22, 2012, 10:34:44 pm »

I am new to Tormek, and new to this interesting forum.

After purchasing the SVD 185 for my T3, I have started regrinding my gouges on the T3, experiencing the same problem with the Elsworth gring that I like for my bowl gouges (P=75, JS=6, bevel angle approx. 70°).

The SVD 185 is not symetrical and the jig is bumping on the arm of the mount bar leg when grinding with the bar in the horizontal position (recommended position in the manual). I have very quickly worn out the right corner of the stone, which is not satisfactory.

The jig would work fine with the mounting rod held vertically, but the steep bevel is strongly rubbing against the stone and starts digging into it for bevel angles above 65 to 70°.

Obviously, Tormek design department has overlooked this issue, to my opinion. Would the arm of the sliding jig have been designed on the left handside instead of the right, then the gouges would move something like 30 mm or so further to the left, putting the bevel more or less at the centerline of the stone.

After a night rumaging against Tormek, I tried various arrangements until I got one satisfactory, if not orthodox, solution. I have taken a picture, but I have not yet found how to post it.

Anyway, let me try to describe it. Just dismantle the sliding part from the SVD rod, and remount it "upside-down", that is, with the sliding guide further away from the JS bolting. Tighten the securing ring, with the knob facing the handle of the gouge to avoid contact with the bar. As a result, the arm is now on the left handside of the sliding mechanism, giving me the necessary leeway to keep the gouge wings right on the grinding stone, on both sides.

Regards from France...