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LA-120 Profiled Leather Honing Wheels

With the profiled leather honing wheels LA-120 you can hone and polish the inside of turning gouges, carving gouges and V-tools. Fits all Tormek models.

You mount the extra wheels on the outer side of the standard honing wheel.

LA-120 is delivered with two standard discs. The first has a radius of 3 mm (1/8") for gouges and the second has a 60° tip for v-tools.

It is used together with the Tormek Honing Compound PA-70. When the discs are new, impregnate them with a few drops of light machine oil before you apply the honing compound.

The leather discs are exchangeable so you can easily replace a worn disc, see LA-122 Set of standard exchange discs. There are also narrower profiles available, see LA-124 Set of narrow exchange discs.

It is also possible to mount double LA-120 wheels, one with standard profiles and one with set of narrow discs, and thus have access to four various profiles at the same time.

Swedish quality leather

The leather on the Leather Honing Wheel is provided by the tannery Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden. Tärnsjö Garveri has tanned and processed leather for over 140 years and is today one of the few tanneries that completely tans their leather with natural products. The leather on the Leather Honing Wheel is both eco-friendly and of the highest quality.

La 120 Mounted 1276X956

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