Comments from Tormek users

Thank you for writing to us! Below are some comments that we have received from the comments section when registering. It certainly motivates us to maintain our efforts to produce a top quality sharpening system. Thank you!

Always wanted to have a Tormek, now have the opportunity to use one when needed at the New Brighton Menz Shed.


New Zealand

My first contact with Tormek was my whom father had one many years ago. As a young man I bought the drill operated model but the collar arm holding the drill broke and I was unable to use it. I have just started retirement and am setting up a workshop again (had to leave mine in England when I emigrated to NZ 17 years ago) and am also restoring a run down house. I have bought myself some Japanese tools and dearly wanted to be able to keep them sharp. the quality and integrity of your product left me with no other choice the to get a T7.


Wellington, NZ

Fantastic product. Well done. Carbatec praise the product highly and gave me welcome advice on how to use it.


Dannemora, NZ

Finally I found a top notch portable sharpening machine , great machine.


Christchurch, NZ

Excellent machine. I enjoy using it.


Manukau, NZ

Nice Machine; Well respected Swedish quality and design.


Auckland, NZ

Brilliant machine. Wished I had heard of it earlier.


Ngāruawāhia, NZ



Wellington, NZ

Love this machine best ever sharpening tool.


Dunedin, NZ