Comments from Tormek users

Thank you for writing to us! Below are some comments that we have received from the comments section when registering. It certainly motivates us to maintain our efforts to produce a top quality sharpening system. Thank you!

The supplying of a packet of finger plasters with the machine sums it up better than I ever could.


Cardiff, UK

This machine is fantastic, a real plesure to use. My tools have never been so sharp. After sharpening our kitchen knives my wife asked me to blunt them a bit claiming they were too sharp!!! That good. Many Thanks for a really well built, heavy duty machine


Carterton, UK

The best sharpening system i have seen and used. I can't wait to collect more jigs and acsessories to open up a world of fine precision sharpening. Thank you for a great time and effort saving machine.


Market Rasen, UK

Had machine best part of 10 yrs. Still does the job it's designed for. No complaints what so ever.


Melton Mowbray, UK

I am a qualified carpenter, your grinder has saved me hours of sharpening time. Thank you for a great product.


Newton Abbot, UK

Excellent. After a life of sharpening workshop tools in educational establishments, I now have a system that works better for me.


Woodbridge, UK

My son and also a friend have a similar machine and they both consider that it is a tool that is absolutely essential. I entirely agree and don't know how I managed for 80 years cabinet making and wood turning without it!


Sevenoaks, UK

Great Machine. Cut my fingers twice on the knives not being used to how sharp they were.


Sheffield, UK

Absolutely amazing, well worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone considering purchasing a sharpening system. Thank you.


Rhondda, UK

A really useful machine. I wished I had bought one years ago.



At last I have managed to purchase the best. Thanks



A first class product.


Ballymena, UK

I've only had the T-8 a couple of days and all I can say is Wow, what a fantastic piece of machinery.



I'm a carpenter & joiner for 47 years and i'm very impressed by this machine.


Gravesend, UK

I look forward to using my new machine and getting many years of service with super sharp edged tools.



I had a Tormek T-7 for the past 10 years, which I was very very pleased with. It got destroyed in workshop fire a number of months ago, because of the quality and capability I have replaced that unit with the Tormek T-8, which I am looking forward to using.



I was trained as a cabinet maker in the 1970's and went on to be quite a successful entrepreneur. Now starting to take it easier and want to complete my ecohome myself. After much research I decided to invest in your fabulous system.



Solid well made machine, plenty of grinding jigs to utilise, need a lot of practice. But all works well out of the box.


London, UK

Excellent machine. Finished cutting edges are superb



Started 28 years ago with supergrind 1200 thought I'd upgrade I wouldn't use anyother sharpening system.



I'm a big fan of Tormek. I love precision and Tormek jigs help me to achieve that.


Somerset, UK

Thank you for including a comprehensive user guide with the limited edition T-4 bushcraft I have purchased.


Gillingham, UK

A Tormek is a "must" for anyone involved in woodwork, professional or home craftsman alike. Brilliant machine.


Dublin, Ireland

It gives an edge to my life I wish I had experienced earlier!


York, UK

Love the fact you improve your tools over time. Please keep improving.


Redruth, UK

The best sharpening system I've ever used, very happy. Thanx.


Sutton, UK

This machine is outstanding, never have I had such a surgical edge to my chisels and plane irons and they seem to keep their edge for longer! BRILLIANT!!


Halesowen, UK

It is fair to say that it has been a great success. And I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in woodworking.


Northampton, UK

I would have given up woodturning had it not been for this system.


Darlington, UK

Brilliant in every way - design, manufacture, performance, packaging, literature, etc. If other manufacturers could perform like Tormek, my life would be a whole lot easier.


Cowes, UK

Wow, what a machine it's fantastic. At last in a society and age full of over hyped products and marketing "creativeness" I've finally found something that really can deliver on it's promises. A considerable investment for me, but worth every penny. It'll last me out I'm sure, and at 47 I'm not that old (at least I don't think so).


Copmanthorpe, UK

I thought I was sharp but I am in a new world of sharp now, thanks.


Reading, UK