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TTS-100 Turning Tool Setter

The Turning Tool Setter TTS-100 is the key to an efficient sharpening of woodturning gouges and skews. It enables you to exactly create and replicate the edge angle on your bowl and spindle gouges as well as on your flat or oval skews with either a straight or a curved edge. 

TTS-100 works in conjunction with the Gouge Jig SVD-186 and the Multi Jig SVS-50.

By knowing your exact profiles, you will be able replicate them in seconds, and radically speed up your sharpening process.

The TTS-100 Setter works irrespectively of the stone diameter. You always get exactly the same edge angle – even as the stone de­creases in diameter. It also works equally well when setting the edge angle on the leather honing wheel.

Three factors determine the shape

Three factors determine the shape of a gouge or a skew. By controlling these and repeating them at each sharpening, you will get an exact replication of the shape and edge angle. It will save you time and steel on your tools, but maybe even more important, you can trust that your tools always will perform in the exact same way at the lathe, after each sharpening. These are the factors:

1. The jig setting (JS)
2. The protrusion of the tool in the jig (P)
3. The distance to the stone (hole A or B)

TTS-100 Jig Setting
TTS-100 Protrusion
TTS-100 Distance to stone

Select your shape

On the Tormek Selection Chart you can choose from common profiles what best fits you and your turning, see below or in this PDF. Of course, you can also create your own recipe if you like. The most common shapes are numbered and printed on to the setter.

Tts 100 1276X641

Since a tool can have an unlimited number of combinations of shapes and edge angles, a new tool has a more or less different shape compared to any of the shapes on the chart. Therefore, you first need to shape your tool to a set geometry, then the following sharpenings will be an easy task and done in less than a minute.

Stick to the shape you have selected and do not switch from one shape to another. Then you will get the full benefit of the Tormek TTS-100 Setter, since you can instantly replicate exactly the same shape every time. It will make your sharpening more efficient, which means more time for turning.

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Patents: SE 529 606, EP 1818138.
U.S. 7 686 678, U.S. 8 556 685.

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