Sharpening Techniques with Nick Agar

Sharpening Techniques for Woodturners

In this series of 8 episodes, Nick Agar, professional woodturner, will show you the special sharpening techniques for all the common woodturning tools. This includes what jigs you should use, how to create different shapes, best practice on sharpening, what grinding wheels you should have as a woodturner, tips, tricks and much more.

Introduction - Sharpening Techniques for Woodturners 

In the first episode Nick will give you an introduction to Tormek’s sharpening system using the Tormek T-8 and the jigs you’re using when you sharpen woodturning tools. He also goes through how to make the stone flat with the TT-50 Truing Tool, a smart tip when using the SP-650 Stone Grader and finally the perfect grinding wheels for the woodturner.


How to sharpen bowl and spindle gouges using Tormek SVD-186 Gouge Jig

In this episode Nick Agar shows how you create a fingernail grind on your woodturning gouge and to replicate this grind every time. Nick goes through the procedure step by step using Tormek’s TTS-100 Turning Tool Setter, the SVD-186 Gouge Jig, the SB-250 Blackstone Silicon and the LA-120 Profiled Leather Honing Wheel.


How to sharpen roughing gouges, skews and parting tools using Tormek SVS-50 Multi Jig

In this third episode Nick Agar shows how to sharpen a roughing gouge with a few simple steps using the open seat of Tormek’s Multi Jig SVS-50. Further, he shows how to sharpen a parting tool and a skew using the closed seat of the SVS-50. Nick also demonstrates how to use the Tormek Marker Method when setting the angle and how to sharpen a custom skew shape on the side of Tormek’s Diamond Wheel using MB-100 Multi Base.


How to sharpen scrapers and cutters using SVD-110 Tool Rest

In this episode Nick Agar shows how to sharpen a woodturning scraper creating a large burr and a small burr depending on the material you’re working in. He uses the Tormek SVD-110 Tool Rest and the DF-250 Diamond Wheel Fine. In addition, Nick demonstrates how to sharpen small hollowing cutters and ordinary cutters using SVD-110 and SVD-186.


How to sharpen on the side of the diamond wheels using MB-100 Multi Base

Nick Agar, will in this episode show you how to sharpen a custom skew on the side of Tormek’s Diamond Wheel create a completely flat bevel. He is using the SVS-50 Multi Jig and sharpens on the DF-250 Diamond Wheel Fine with the MB-100 Multibase.


Tormek’s Grinding Wheels for the Woodturner – with Nick Agar

Nick Agar, professional woodturner, goes through the different grinding wheels available for the woodturner and what advantages they have. He’s showing the Tormek Grinding Wheels; SG-250 Original Grindstone, SB-250 Blackstone Silicon, DC-250 Diamond Wheel Coarse, DF-250 Diamond Wheel Fine and DE-250 Diamond Wheel Extra Fine.


Tips & Tricks – Sharpening Techniques for Woodturners – with Nick Agar

Nick Agar, professional woodturner, gives you his best tips and tricks when sharpening woodturning tools with Tormek’s sharpening system. Amongst the tips are how you find the correct bevel angle on your tool, how to make the edges of the grindstone smother, how to remove steel particles from the Leather Honing Wheel and how to clean the rubber drive wheel.


Woodturning from Inside of the Bowl – Unique Shot Never Seen Before

Together with Nick Agar we can now show you how it looks from inside of the bowl when woodturning. This angle has, as far as we know, never been filmed before. Enjoy!


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