Patent: EP 2946881
Width 230 mm (9 1/16"), Depth 200 mm (7 7/8"), Height 260 mm (10¼")
Weight: Shipping weight 9.8 kg, Machine only 8.0 kg
Grindstone: Tormek Original Grindstone, Aluminium oxide, ∅ 200×40 mm (8"×1 5/8") 120 rpm, torque 8.4 Nm
Leather Honing Wheel: ∅ 145×26 mm (5¾"×1")
Main Shaft: Stainless steel main shaft and stone hardware. EzyLock in composite.
Housing: Zinc cast top, Impact resistant ABS plastic
Motor: Industrial single phase, 120 W (input)
230 V, 50 Hz or 115 V, 60 Hz. Duty 30 min/hour, Maintenance free.
Silent running, 54 dB. 10,000 hour life
Warranty: 7 years*

*When used for commercial, industrial or educational purpose the T-4 warranty is 2 years.

Certificates T-4

  Made In Sweden

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Tormek T-4

Tormek T-4 details

Tormek _T-4_sleeves _2_260
With the sleeves for the Universal Support now being cast in the zinc top, together with the new Tormek stadium shaped design of the holes (patent pending) – the precision has been improved by 300 % compared to T-3.


Tormek _T-4_detail _handle _260
The handle makes the machine easy to move and position. So you are not tempted to make the mistake and try to lift the machine with the Universal Support.


Tormek _t -4_detail _1
Vital parts like the motor and the main shaft are integrated with the zinc cast top.


Tormek _t -4_detail _2


Tormek _T-4_detail _4a _260
The machine plate is now made of metal, which makes it a convenient place to store the Tormek AngleMaster (which has magnetic feet).


How does the T-4 differ from the T-3?

• Precision improved by over 300%
This will improve your control of the sharpening – and the precision of your results.

• Handle for easy movement
Makes the machine easy to place and put away.

• Machine plate in metal
Which makes it a convenient place to store the Tormek AngleMaster (which has magnetic feet). Scale for stone diameter.

• Jig for straight edges not included
Now you are able to configure your Tormek right from the start with the jigs that fit your sharpening needs. For example, if you only sharpen knives you will not have to pay for something you will not use.

• Stone Grader included (because you need it)
Regardless of what tool you will sharpen you will need it, so we decided to include it from the start. Make sure to use it and you will always have a fresh cutting stone. Also, with the Stone Grader you get two different cutting actions (fast/fine) out of your grindstone!

• How does the T-4 precision compare to the larger T-8 machine?
Thanks to the patented zinc cast machine head, we can achieve the same precision as with T-8.


Enhance your Tormek T-4